Free Shuttle Service In Bangkok From Khaosan To Suvarnabhumi

Starting May 2017, passengers bound for Suvarnabhumi Airport and Khaosan Road can take a bus ride that you can pay about as much as the charge to use an airport taxi. If you’re lucky you can also find a free shuttle service in Bangkok which takes you to few of its selected areas.

The brand-new air conditioned bus runs between the old quarter and BKK for only 60 baht, which includes the SanamLuang royal field and the Khaosan Road. Possible passengers can surely find convenience as they locomote to their destination for an affordable cost.

At the airport, the bus will gather passengers on the ground floor of the terminal. The bus leaves every half an hour between six in the morning and eight in the evening. This can also accommodate a large number of passengers waiting to be commuted to their chosen destination.

The itinerary of the bus will include Sirat Expressway to Yommarat junction. It will proceed to Lan LuangRoad, pass by Ratchadamnoen Avenue through the Democracy Monument. It will move right to KhokWua Junction and pass Tanao Road, also called the Burger King side of the road. It will continue to Chakrabongse, PhraSumen Road, Eat Bowonniwet, and move to the other side near the Chana Songkhram Police Station. Then it will also move to Phra Pin Klao Bridge and end in World War 1 Monument which is quite near SanamLuang.

The bus’s return tripwill go past PhraAthit Road to gather passengers from the Khaosan Road side of the police station before heading immediately towardsRatchadamnoen Avenue.It’s definitely an itinerary that takes passengers to the most of Bangkok. Or they may choose to ride the free shuttle service in Bangkok, although you may see it somehow loaded with other passengers.

The service is accessible after a month when airport shuttles were installed in two itineraries from Don Mueang Airport down toLumpiniPark downtown.It’s going to be an accessible ride that can decongest the public in terms of airport bus services. They can also find free shuttle service in Bangkok that run here and there.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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Tuesday, November 21, 2017